About Me

About Mitchell

Who am I?  It’s hard to say in just a few words. First and foremost, I am a Christian and I owe my life to God. I am also a husband, father, grandfather, author, minister, teacher, administrative assistant, counselor, etc. In other words, I’m the proverbial Jack of All Trades.

What makes me think I have something valuable to say? Tough to say. But I do think through my years of various career and life experiences, as well as four degrees (BA, MA, MACE, and MEd), I have become an astute observer of life and people. Disclaimer: I have realized the more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know, but I will continue to pursue knowledge and wisdom all the days of my life. Also, I thought it was finally time to throw my voice into the mix and say what I’ve been thinking for so long. 

I hope you enjoy my thoughts, but more importantly, I hope these thoughts inspire you to think, to pray, to stand, and to engage life. Feel free to send a response. I’d love to dialogue with you.

Mitchell S Karnes

My Achievements


Minister of Various Titles

In my 24 years of ministry, I have served as Youth Minister, Children & Young Families Minister, Youth and Education, Associate Pastor, and Pastor. What I have learned is the title isn't the important thing...Who I serve is. Jesus is everything, and I am nothing. I may plant and water seeds of faith, but only God can make them grow.


English Teacher & Coach

I remember one time being corrected when I said, "I teach English." The older gentleman, a great mentor of mine, said, "No, you teach students. English is just the conduit through which you teach them to learn on their own."



My Creative Writing professor, Victor Walker, challenged a young, cocky writer, saying, "Mitchell, you don't want to write; you want to have written." His words cut me to the depth of my pride. It took years for me not only to understand his advice but to take it to heart. Ultimately, I had to face the truth. Now, I love the process. I have been blessed so far to write and share some of those works with an audience through publication. I have published 5 novels, 4 short stories, one one-act play, and numerous Bible studies and essays. I am currently working on a Christian Mystery/Police Procedural series, based in Nashville, TN, featuring Homicide Detective Abby Rhodes. I look forward to sharing them with you as well.