Nashville Homicide Detective Abbey Rhodes

“Abbey Rhodes”

Water Grave – available for purchase 1/29/2025

Several years ago, I had an idea about a detective named Abbey Rhodes that was conflicted by her past. She first appeared as a Brentwood Police officer and main love interest of Graham Turner in Scales of Justice. Since that time, her backstory changed and took on a life of its own. Her conflict deepened and grew into a story of its own.

Four years ago, I wrote the first installation of a six-book series following Abbey’s story arc of redemption with God and His church. Abbey’s father was a missionary in Central America (primarily Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala). Unfortunately, her father was extremely literal in his doctrine, beliefs, and practice. Someone took advantage of Abbey as a beautiful, young teenager. Her father took the word of the man over his own daughter, casting Abbey out to live on the streets of Guatemala.

Aver the six books, highlighting homicides that she and her partner Sam Tidwell must solve, we gain pieces of her past. Abbey must address the ghosts of her past, accept God’s forgiveness, and learn to forgive herself. Someone does not want Abbey to be free of the guilt and shame, and this antagonist uses it to hinder her progress and development.

I look forward to sharing Abbey with my audience beginning in January of 2025. Hopefully, we will release subsequent Abbey Rhodes mysteries every 6-9 months. Sign up for the email list to learn more.

Mitchell S Karnes

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