Short Stories

See No Evil

Orlando Samuels tosses frantically in his bed as he tries to escape his nightmare.  For the past two nights, he has been haunted by a dark shadow that lurks in his dreams.  The shadow has no face to speak of, no name to utter, but it terrifies Orlando with its mere presence. 

“Has your lawyer explained why you are here today?”  I nodded and placed my hands in my lap, wiping the clammy sweat on my pants legs.  “You were the last person he talked to.  At least your number was the last one dialed.   Are you prepared to give your story?”

Isaiah's Gift

Chrystal Jennings gathered the research books into her khaki bag and threw the strap over her shoulder.  It was well past closing time, and the assistant librarian had asked her repeatedly to leave.  Why did she always fall into the trap of procrastination?

When Nothing Else Matters

Here I am, twenty years old, and my days as a superhero are over. I lie here in my hospital bed, waiting for the day that I will be released. I have an operation on my knee after I injured it in a fight. Well, I’m kind of getting ahead of myself.

Grampa Charlie’s Ring

Austin held the shoebox at his side and stared at the silver casket as it sunk into the hole in the ground. His family watched on in silence as the shovels crunched into the frozen mound of dirt and tossed large clumps into the hole.