Daughters, Daughters Everywhere

Daughter’s wedding

In the last two years, I have had the honor of officiating the weddings of four of my children. In the last wedding, pictured above, I walked my daughter, Selina, down the aisle and then turned around to face the audience and officiated the wedding. It was strange and beautiful. This year I will have similar honors twice more.

As the father of seven, marriage is not simply an addition to the family; it is multiplication. Seven times two makes fourteen. At the time of this writing, I have nine grandchildren. I’m sure that will grow exponentially. And, if I live long enough to have grandchildren…can you imagine? Anyway, as I looked once again at the above photo from Selina’s wedding, I realized that I have four daughters and two daughters-in-law. What a blessing!

Take time today to see how God has blessed your life…your family, and say, “Thank You!” Take time to reach out to your spouse, children, grandchildren and all the “in-laws” who’ve joined your family. My immediate family (wife, children, and grandchildren) numbers twenty-five and we’re really just getting started. How about yours?


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