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Canaanshade Resurrection


Scott Addison and Luke Richards are not the best of friends…to say the least. And yet they must depend upon one another to survive the treacherous world of Canaanshade. While Christ, Paul,and Katie work desperately to help from the mid-way point (between their fantasy world of Warriors and Thieves and the reality they call home), Scott and Luke find themselves mediating between the humans and the elves. Scott must convince the human fortress of Kelterstone to lower its gates and bring what remains of the elves inside the safety of their walls before the dragon’s forces of evil kill every last one.

Unknown to the others, Garrett now possesses Bentheos’ cursed magical blade, the one they call Cleaver. Garrett slowly loses his will to that of the blade and sinks into a darkness he’s never experienced before. He finds himself drawn to the power of the blade even if it means bowing to its evil source and battling the love of this life, Lea the Wood-elf Princess. The war without is nothing compared to the war they all face within. Follow their struggles in this final chapter of the series as they seek to set everything right in Canaanshade before it’s too late.



The exciting conclusion to The Canaanshade Journeys. By now they realize their game world is no Promise Land. It’s merely a shadow of childhood dreams.


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