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The Dragon’s Pawn

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Back in high school, Scott, Paul, Chris and Luke made two pacts: to stay friends forever and to play Warriors and Thieves as often as possible. Each man has gone his own way, and only Chris Wright still plays the game. Now he’s dying of cancer and has just one request…that his friends reunite for one last game…the way they always dreamed of playing it.

As they come together, they realize Chris has stumbled upon a way for them to enter their fantasy world of Canaanshade as their characters of old. There’s a catch: first they must return to 1989 and the bodies of their middle and high school selves. Otherwise, any damage they received in the game would be upon their own bodies. What could it hurt? Little do they know, a dark secret from their past is haunting them, threatening not only their game but their very lives as well.

As the four boys enter Canaanshade and the bodies of their favorite characters, something strange begins to occur. Each boy begins to slowly slip into oblivion and fade into his character’s consciousness. Will they realize it in time, and if so, will they be able to stop the process? Getting into the game was the dream of a lifetime; getting out was the nightmare no one ever anticipated.



The Dragon’s Pawn is only the beginning. Our characters receive the opportunity to not only play their game of “Warriors and Thieves,” but get the chance to enter the game and become their favorite characters. Getting into the game was the dream of a lifetime; getting out was the nightmare no one ever anticipated.

6 reviews for The Dragon’s Pawn

  1. John and Laura

    Great YA fantasy that is more than just a story.
    Mr. Karnes’ story “The Dragon’s Pawn” is a continuation (many years later) of “The Pact” but now the role playing game takes on greater importance as Scott, Christ, Luke, and Paul enter into the game themselves and play through their own characters that they had created in the first book. The story was slow at the beginning, and some of the descriptions were sparse at times. Also some of the characterizations were shallow, but it was the poor editing that was the most distracting. Overall, I found it to be a very good story with a lot of action. I love the spiritual insights the most. I wish that I could give it 5 stars because I liked it that much. Nonetheless, I highly recommend it to Young Adults particularly who love role playing games and/or fantasy.

  2. Lynn Byrnes

    Glad I bought books one and two at the same time cause I couldn’t wait to start this book after finishing the first one in the series. The
    excitement starts out fast. This is a great story within a story and both story lines will arouse your curiosity in a way that keeps you from putting the book down till you finish it.

  3. Denise Reecer

    I have just finished reading The Dragon’s Pawn. Book 2 of the Canaanshade Journeys. It is full of mystery, suspense, and adventure. I could not stop reading. I highly recommend it.

  4. Bill R

    “The Dragon’s Pawn”, the 2nd book in the series plays so well off book #1 “The Pact” … The story continues almost seamlessly and keeps building the excitement started in book one … Each chapter keeps me wanting to immediately read the next … I absolutely love the direction that I at least think the story line is going … Mitchell is a gifted and intriguing writer and I can’t wait for next book.

  5. Charlie B

    Lots of suspense, everything ties together nicely at the end… I would highly recommend this.

  6. Barbara A. Madden

    This is the 2nd book of the Canaanshade series and I could not put it down! Excellent job of tying the first book, The Pack, into this one. These guys have been through so much together in the past and bring the love/hate relationship into this one! Great job and can hardly wait for the next one! 5 Stars

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